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Removable Parts Design for UPS Chassis

As a sheet metal fabricator specializing in enclosure products, at Fabtronics, Inc. we often lend our expertise early on in the product development cycle to help our clients overcome design challenges. One of our clients had a new UPS chassis on the drawing board that they intended to ship to the customer with the circuit board and battery case pre-installed. They submitted their initial design to us for a quote.

As part of our standard process, we reviewed the drawing for accuracy and manufacturability. One aspect of the design that stood out was that the UPS chassis had been engineered as a single fixed unit. A big drawback that immediately came to mind was that if the electronics failed during testing on the assembly line, the entire unit including battery tray would need to be shipped to the board manufacturer for remediation. In addition to being expensive in terms of packaging and shipping, it would expose the chassis to damage as well as tie up inventory.

We immediately suggested modifying the design to incorporate removable panels. If a board failed during testing, the panel could simply be removed and shipped back to the supplier independently. The chassis could then regain a spot on the assembly line and a new board swapped in. We reworked the design to incorporate the modifications, and the client gave us the green light to proceed.

Our removable panel design, in combination with our precision manufacturing capabilities, enabled us to produce a high-quality product that exceeded the customer's expectations in terms of functionality. We were also able to reduce their overall program expenses by preserving inventory and eliminating unnecessary shipping and handling of the entire unit simply because the electronics failed.

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UPS Chassis Specifications

Product Name
UPS Chassis with removable panels
Initial Unit
Single Fixed Unit
Created Removable Circuit Board Panel
Reduced Cost
  • Shipping
  • Handling
Reduced Lost Inventory
Reduced Shipping Damage
Weight Reduction
Intended Application
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