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Rail Kit Hardware Sourcing

At Fabtronics, Inc., our business philosophy is to provide an integrated set of services that provide value to our clients. We are more than just a source for precision sheet fabrications, from design consulting to assembly, inventory management, warehousing, and delivery; we offer comprehensive solutions that simplify you're sourcing and supply chain activities.

Our initial engagement with one of our clients involved supplying metal components for rails. While touring through their facility during a sales visit, we noticed a crew of workers reassembling our products, along with other hardware, to create rail kit boxes. When we asked the client about the process, they let us know that it was somewhat of an issue. The kits frequently had incomplete contents and incorrect or missing hardware, but addressing the situation was still on their to-do list.

We spent some time gathering more information and learning the particulars of this program. Once we had all of the data we needed, we approached our client with a customized solution for preparing and packaging the rail kits. Our responsibilities for this program were expanded beyond fabrication to include hardware sourcing, kit assembly, packaging, and shipment to U.S. distribution warehouses.

By optimizing packaging and reducing labor costs, we reduced overall program expenses. With value-added services that include inventory management, JIT/KANBAN delivery, and warehousing, we can help optimize production flows and ensure your product is always available, even during spikes in demand.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your end-to-end manufacturing needs.

Rail Kit Hardware Sourcing Specifications

Product Name
Rail Kits
Hardware Sourcing
Supply Chain Management
Customized Manufacturing
Initial Unit
Single Fixed Unit
Import/Export Savings
Optimized Packaging and Labor
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