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Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

Product BrochureProduct Brochure
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At Fabtronics, we are established experts at providing innovative manufacturing services, engineering solutions, and complete logistics packages to our customers. Among our core services is our Sheet Metal Fabrication capability, which brings together a new level of equipment options and design approaches. Through a combination of longstanding engineering competence and strong attention to detail, we can provide a higher level of service in sheet metal projects.

Presently, we provide access to fabrication in a variety of high-value materials, including aluminum, brass, stainless steel, carbon steel, steel plate, copper, and perforated metals. Our processing approach can handle coil or sheet forms of each material type, in both contract manufacturing and prototype work contexts.

Our manufacturing process, as well as the design flexibility we offer our customers, is enabled by a wide variety of fabrication procedures and equipment systems. Individual elements include bending, folding, forming, laser cutting, painting, plating, powder coating, punching, shearing, stamping, and welding. These steps are facilitated by large production capacity for each approach, allowing us to provide outstanding sheet metal processing capabilities. When combined with our just-in-time production management and Kanban inventory controls, we can rapidly complete orders with a consistent degree of high output quality.

We are presently capable of virtually any size or time scale of production support. We can also provide build, consultation, design, and logistics support for all sheet metal products customers, allowing us to provide services tailored to the specific needs and requirements of our customers.

We invite you to strongly consider the positive impacts our Sheet Metal Fabrication services can have to your bottom line. For more information, feel free to Contact us directly to learn more about our fabrication capabilities and specific equipment assets.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Specifications

General Capabilities
Contract Manufacturing
Fabrication Process
Laser Cutting
Powder Coating
Fabrication Equipment
  • Amada Shear Model 2545 with Programmable Back Gauge & Pneumatic Sheet Supports l0 Ft. 3/l6 inch Capacity
  • 2 Guifil Shear Model GH415 With Power Back Gauge 5 Ft. 9 Ga.
  • l2" Multiposition Cold Saw
  • Craftsman Auto Scroller Saw l" Strong
  • Leten DCM-10 Band Saw
  • 2 Amada Pega 345Q CNC Turret Punch Press 58 Stn. 2AI
  • Amada AE2510-NT CNC Turret Punch Press 45 Stn. 4Al
  • 2 Amada Pega CBll CNC Turret Punch Press 32 Stn.
  • Togu III Automated Precision Tool Grinder
  • Nisshinbo HTP650 - Hydraulic 19 Stn. 1Al
  • Nisshinbo HTP1000 hydraulic 37 Stn. 3AI
  • 4 Turret Tapping Tool NCT3 (#2-56 - #10-32 & metric)
  • N225 MG Uninotch with Adjustable Step Gages
  • 5 Rockwell Drill Press with l/2" Jacobs Chuck 3/4 H.P.
  • 3 Rockwell Drill Press with Telco Tapping Head 3/4 H.P.
  • 3 Maxdrill Model PDS #25 with l/2" Jacobs Chuck l H.P.
  • 2 Clausing Drill Press Model 1769 variable speed
Hardware Installation
  • 3 Haeger Hydraulic Inserter Press with Manual Feed
  • Amada RGM2 Press Brake 10 Ft.
  • Amada RGM2 Press Brake 6 Ft.
  • Amada RG 125 Press Brake 10 Ft. with NC-9EXII Control
  • Amada RG 80 Press Brake 8 Ft. with NC-9EX Control
  • Amada RG 25 Press Brake 4 Ft. with NC-9EXII Control
  • 2 Guifil Press Brakes Model PE 6-16 Automec CNC 99A
  • 2 Guifil Press Brakes Model PE 15-30 Automec CNC 1000
  • 2 Guifil Press Brakes Model PE 20-60 Automec CNC 1000
  • Guifil Press Brake Model PE 15/13-35R Automec CNC 1000
  • Guifil Press Brake Model PE 20/15-63R Automec CNC 1000 2 Axis
  • Fabriwin 2D 3D CAM
  • Metalsoft Enhanced Importer, Autounfold Tools
  • Solid Edge
Spotwelding Equipment
  • 3 Acme 50 K.V.A. Spotwelder with Digital S.C.R. Controls
  • 2 Acme 30 K.V.A. Spotwelder with Digital S.C.R. Controls
Welding Equipment
  • 2 330 Amp AC/DC Welders with Heliarc Attachment
  • 2 Miller D/S 200 Short Arc Auto Feed Welder 200 Amp, 3/l6 Capacity
  • Arco/Cobra Pulsar Aluminum Mig Welder
Carbon Steel
Perforated Metal
Sheet Metal
Stainless Steel
Steel Plate
Raw Material Forms
PPAP Level 1, 2, and 3 Certified
Cost Management
Proactive cost reduction proposals, generated 30% savings
JIT production and Kanban inventory management
Flexible no charge expedites
Raw material cost control
Additional Services Provided
Rapid Prototyping
Production Volume
Low Volume
Small Run
High Volume
Large Run
Long Run
Large Scale Production Volume Run

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