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Chassis Redesign

At Fabtronics, Inc., we foster collaborative relationships with our clients at the design stage. By leveraging our engineering expertise, we make recommendations for design changes that improve quality, simplify manufacturing and assembly, and reduce overall cost. We are also excellent problem-solvers. When a workpiece does not function as intended, we use our ingenuity to develop solutions that fit the original design intent.

One of our clients, a major manufacturer of power management products, approached us to redesign a chassis. Built as designed, the chassis was spot welded to its base in order to support the weight of a battery tray. However, deflection testing revealed a mechanical failure, so we needed to make changes to improve the stiffness. Using a disciplined approach, we examined the overall design from several perspectives in order to identify the best method for boosting the structural integrity of the enclosure.

We resolved the issue by implementing the use of a 16 ga galvannealed steel stiffener. Spot- welded in multiple round emboss formed into the surface; this solution adequately bolstered the strength enough to support the battery tray. Our re-designed prototype easily passed the deflection test as well as numerous other quality assurance checks.

Besides exhibiting improved structural stiffness, the modified chassis was lighter in weight and less expensive to produce. We reduced the overall material, handling, and shipping costs associated with manufacturing this chassis. By making quality our top priority, we were recognized as a Premier Supplier for this company.

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Eaton Chassis Redesign Specifications

Product Name
Eaton Chassis
Spot Welding
Chassis Body
16-ga (galvanneal)
Base Plate
11-ga (galvanneal)
Multiple Round Emboss Forms
Successful Deflection Testing
Reduced Cost
  • Raw Materials
  • Handling
  • Shipping
Weight Reduction
Intended Application
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